AI computer vision gives insight to security monitoring

In recent years, there are also some popular concepts of data-based artificial intelligence learning and identification technology in security industry. What is their relationship with security? How to apply it in security monitoring? What are the most popular applications of Ai Ai?

M & a tide in semiconductor industry: high capital fever coexists with talent shortage

Mobile phones, laptops and other products are classified into class III electrical products. The output voltage of the power adapter is usually below 12V, which belongs to safe voltage. This kind of electrical appliances do not need to be grounded, so the two pin plug can be used. Of course, the standards of some countries and regions are different from ours. Maybe some friends go to Hong Kong to play and buy their mobile phones with British standard plugs, that is, three pin plugs. This is caused by different standards of various countries and regions. A power converter is needed in Chinese mainland.

Analysis of the advantages of TEW semiconductor devices

Put the light bulb and socket into the water tank filled with water, and the light bulb does not go out; Put your hand into the water tank, repeatedly pull out, plug in the socket and plug, will not get an electric shock, the light can be on again; Turn on the shower head and spray water towards the socket where the water heater is plugged in. The water heater can still work normally

In 2017, the shortage of electronic components will cover the whole market

When you are using the computer to work, suddenly, the power failure, all the data are too late to save, it will disappear. When you are watching a wonderful TV program, a sudden power failure will break all your interest. If you use the Savior plug safety design, none of these embarrassing situations will happen. Like its name, it can provide you with power at critical moments. As long as you connect it between the plug and socket, it can store a certain amount of electricity, and does not affect the normal use of electrical appliances. Once there is a power failure, it will immediately release the stored electricity, so that you have at least 10 minutes to prepare. And it can also protect you from electric shock when you pull out the power, which is very convenient, practical and safe.


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